Golf Program

Family Physiotherapy Centre of London now offers specialized golf injury rehabilitation and injury prevention!

You will receive a 60-minute initial assessment with a Titleist Performance Institute Certified Physiotherapist.  During this assessment, our TPI Certified Expert will perform a physical screen to identify any areas of weakness and determine if your golf swing suits your body’s current abilities. After the initial assessment, we develop a custom-tailored intervention plan that will help improve any deficits that are found to get you back on the course sooner, stay on the course longer, and help you develop a safe and efficient swing!

The Titleist Performance Institute believes that there isn’t just one perfect swing, but rather an efficient swing for each individual golfers’ body mechanics and abilities. Look no further than the top 10 players in the world: Dustin Johnson’s swing is vastly different from Rickie Fowler’s.  Both are efficient, because they each play a swing that suits what their body can perform consistently and safely.

26 of the top 30 golfers in the world are advised by a TPI Certified Expert, come see ours today!

Services are covered by health care plans that cover Physiotherapy. You do NOT require a physician’s referral to book an appointment; however, some health care plans require a physician’s referral for coverage. Call your health care provider for more information.

Current fee schedule:

Assessment: (60 minutes) $135

Follow up: (30 minutes) $90